Meeting the Divine Light – 18

“Rapture of the mind does not apply to the perfect but to beginners . . . [For when the soul continues to live in the Divine Light, it is then] initiated into and taught wonders upon wonders, and mysteries upon mysteries . . . [Such a soul] himself becomes a divinely inspired book for others . . . [as] the same One Who inspired the scriptural Continue reading “Meeting the Divine Light – 18”


Meeting the Divine Light – 3

We cannot expect to meet the Divine Light – God the Almighty Father – unless we are first purified, in the heart of our souls. For the Father cannot come to live where darkness resides, the darkness of sin; for He Is pure Light and Purity in His essence, hence also in His energies.

Being changed forever

“Conscious contact with . . . [I Am that I Am] stamps a man for ever. Such a man will not now depart from the God of love Whom he has come to know . . . Knowledge of the Personal God bears an intrinsically personal character. Like recognizes like. There is an end to the deadly tedium of the impersonal” (Archimandrite Sophrony, 1997, His Life is Mine).

Being a living temple of the Father

“Now and for the future My eyes are open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place, for now I have chosen and consecrated this Temple, for My name to be there for ever; My eyes and My Heart will constantly be there” (2 Chr 7:15-16).