Waiting in the Third Ark

God our Father waits for us patiently, with the ark of His Divine Heart offered to us with overwhelming love in His hands: the ark which will lead us with safety to the peace of His reign, through the third Passover constituted by the trials and tribulations of our times. But despite Continue reading “Waiting in the Third Ark”


He wants us in His bosom

God our Almighty Father desires profoundly and intensely that we return to live in His bosom, an indelible imprint of which, in terms of His Divine Light, is in the nous – the heart of our souls – of each one of us, and from where we first originated.


The Third Ark

Upon consenting to give ourselves to God the Father, we become His living arks – His little temples – on earth (2 Co 6:16) and our Father becomes the Ark Himself. But what is the Third Ark? An ark is both the residence of the Presence of God and His haven of rest among His people, reciprocally providing the Continue reading “The Third Ark”