God the Father – More on His infinite love for us

Sitting atop of all creation, in His Heavenly Kingdom, is our Father, holding us securely in His Divine Heart, nested in His Core of Light and Life, to keep us safely ensconced in His infinite love. Safe from the despicable schemes and endless ravages of the enemy, upon every aspect of our lives and selves; that enemy, the Red Dragon (Rv 12:3) who, Continue reading “God the Father – More on His infinite love for us”


Distinguishing between sanctification and deification

When dealing with the Church Fathers, especially those of the primitive Church, we need to keep in mind that differences exist in their language and use of such language, in terms of addressing the mere sanctification of man and his deification through theosis. Specifically, “where we find references to human participation in divine life, there we assuredly Continue reading “Distinguishing between sanctification and deification”

The three stages of our love for God

According to St Nikitas Stithatos, the three stages of our love for God is as follows:

  1. In the first stage we experience “contempt for visible and human things,” as part of our beginning love for God;  Continue reading “The three stages of our love for God”

Attaining deification

“One must feed oneself . . . [continually] with God to attain freely deification” (V. Lossky), especially since First Man fell, our Redemption has been completed (by Jesus Christ) and we are at that precise moment in time where the era of our Redemption is moving into the era of our deification.

Spiritual health and illness – 6 – Spiritual illness

When a person is spiritually unhealthy, spiritually ill, the heart of his soul – the nous – ends up being directed and dominated by reason, deifying the latter, instead of imbuing reason with grace, thus achieving the appropriate balance between faith and reason. Attuning our nous, the heart of our soul, through purifying Continue reading “Spiritual health and illness – 6 – Spiritual illness”

Illumination and deification – We shall see Him as He Is

“Dearly beloved, we are now the sons of God: and it hath not yet appeared what we shall be. We know that when He shall appear we shall be like to Him: because we shall see Him as He is” (1 Jn 3:2).  Continue reading “Illumination and deification – We shall see Him as He Is”

What is deification or theosis? – Clarification

Deification or theosis is the participation of man in the uncreated Divine Light (Met. Hierotheos, 2010, The science of spiritual medicine). Deification does not simply constitute “the forgiveness of sins through the Holy Spirit but man’s participation in the Holy Spirit. The forgiveness of sins is not the same as participation in the Continue reading “What is deification or theosis? – Clarification”

Faith, knowledge of God, and the deification of man

Two kinds of faith exist: faith derived from hearing and learning, and faith derived from theoria. Although by no means separate from each other, these two kinds of faith are different from each other and naturally result in different kinds of knowledge of God. Faith derived from hearing and learning (simple faith) results  Continue reading “Faith, knowledge of God, and the deification of man”

The illumination of the heart of the soul

Illumination is the illumination of the nous, the heart or eye of our souls (John of Damascus). The heart of the soul is the core of our existence, for there “God is revealed, whereas reason merely articulates the experience of the nous” (Met. Hierotheos, 2010). In Scripture, the nous, the heart of the soul, is identified Continue reading “The illumination of the heart of the soul”

Purification, illumination, and deification – 5 – The process of deification

Attaining deification: The process

God the Father “has essence and energy, and we participate in His energy . . . divine grace. The theoria of the uncreated Light is the same as participation in, and vision of, divine grace . . . [deification. But Gregory Palamas said that] the theoria of the light is union . . . [Hence] participating in this theoria, the deified person Continue reading “Purification, illumination, and deification – 5 – The process of deification”